To give you a feel for the place: the Guest House has three levels of guest space: a basement, first- and second floor. 

The basement holds the laundry, game room, washroom and two showers.

The front desk, common room and kitchen are on the first floor, as well as the male dorm, two washrooms and a private room.

The second floor is for the female dorm, a washroom and four private rooms.

Some of the private rooms have space for up to five guests; the female dorm sleeps a maximum of six;  the male dorm a maximum of five.

Photography by Kim Wright (2015), Marie P Grenier (2016)


168 Maryland Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3G 1L3

204-772-1272  or  1-800-743-4423

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Private room

Space for four guests: one double- and one bunk bed.