The "Money Wise Guide to Canada" highly recommended us: reaching out a hand to the budget traveler.

Rates start at $30 per night.

$60 for a private room. $10 per extra guest

All tax included.

Group rates are available and only need to be asked for.

Thirty Dollar Bill ?


This is Bill when he was still hot and happening.

He was a teacher and shifted his career to journalist.

Although this writer prefers letters over numbers, his Guest House required him to come up with some. 

However he managed to keep it simple:

Charging $30/night. Tax Included.

Private rooms are $60

and then $10 a person.


By the way...

Did you know that in the early 2000's Bill's first book "The True Intrepid" was published and became a national besteller. It was later foreworded by the staff historian of the CIA? Three documentaries have been done on it.

You can still get it all over Canada, online through Amazon and Mcnally Robinson, and guests are offered a discount when they buy it at the House.

Currently Bill is finishing a sequel, so you might want to get yourself an autograph while you're here.*

Sorry - we're closed

*Rianne Dekker took the liberty of creating this website:

Bill has nothing to do with it.

'Bill' was never 'hot and happening' Dekker. He's always been a 'concerned citizen.'


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